Gourmet Meat Delivered Fresh

Texas Choice Meat Company is your trusted choice for delicious,

all natural meat and seafood delivered fresh to your door.

For your convenience we have two locations within the state of Texas: Fort Worth and Lubbock. This way it doesn’t matter if you’re located in eastern Texas or western Texas, wherever you are we can still provide you with the best possible premium meats with our committed guarantee.

Why you should buy from us:

1.    Your representative will establish a confirmed price good for 1 year.


2.    Hand-trimmed steak – what you see is what you eat!


3.    All of our steaks are USDA inspected.


4.    Every steak is individually vacuum sealed to reduce freezer burn.


5.    Free home delivery to your front door.


6.    We receive weekly shipments to insure freshness.


7.    We accept personal checks and all major credit cards.


8.    You can call us Monday through Friday for same day delivery.


9.    30-40% less bone and fat. We discard the waste for you.


10.  We will exchange any unused portion for you.

Our guarantee to you

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For our Preferred Customer Super Savers, choose

any 3 variety packs for just $650!


For our Preferred Customer Super Savers, choose

any 4 variety packs for just $799!

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Choose from one of our two locations

We guarantee all of our products for tenderness and against freezer burn for up to 1 year from the date of purchase. We will replace any unused portion. Our steaks are cut to perfection.