Gourmet Meat Delivered Fresh

Texas Choice Meat Company is your trusted choice for delicious,

all natural meat and seafood delivered fresh to your door.

We offer savory steaks that save you money. Get our basic package of gourmet steaks for $449 (when you order over the internet) or $359 (for home delivery). We also offer super savings for our preferred customers: purchase any 3 variety packs for just $650 or any 4 for just $799. Call us or stop by the store to learn more.

Check out our tasty deals:

-  8 New York Strips

-  10 Peppercorn Strips

-  8-10 Choice Filet

-  6 Center Cut Ribeyes

-  4 K.C. Strips (Bone In)

-  18 Choice Chopped Steaks


Premium Steak Pack:

18 Choice Chopped Steak Patties

Dig in to our all natural steaks and burgers and taste the difference. You get 8 All Natural New York Strips, 4 All Natural T-Bones, 8-10 All Natural Filet Mignon, 8-10 Flat Iron Fillets, 8 All Natural Sirloin Strips, 18 All Natural Steak Burgers.

Delicious gourmet steaks

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We guarantee all of our products for tenderness for up to 1 year from the date of purchase.


We want you to enjoy all of the steaks you purchase. We'll replace any unused portion from your order.

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Gourmet steaks at great prices

Take your taste buds to a place they've never been. The gourmet steaks from Texas Choice Meat Company are full-flavored, fresh, and tender. We provide a variety of juicy cuts and packaging options to keep every steak lover happy. Call us today.

All natural steak packages

-  8 All Natural New York Strips

-  4 All Natural T-Bones

-  8-10 All Natural Filet Mignon

-  8-10 Flat Iron Fillets

-  8 All Natural Sirloin Strips

-  18 All Natural Steak Burgers


Premium all natural steak: