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Texas Choice Meat Company is your trusted choice for delicious,

all natural meat and seafood delivered fresh to your door.

Variety is the spice of life. Call or visit us to learn about our gourmet meat and seafood options. Beyond our fresh fillets of fish and scrumptious shellfish options, we also provide succulent pork cuts and all natural steaks. Contact us to learn more.

Healthy seafood choices:

-  King Crab

-  Scallops

-  Salmon Fillets

-  Tilapia Fillets

-  Flounder Fillets

-  Breaded Shrimp


You don't have to overpay for delicious seafood. Call Texas Choice Meat Company and have a package of fresh seafood delivered to your door for $349. Please note: prices may vary slightly depending on the seasonal availability of certain seafood.

Fresh seafood delivered to your door

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We provide FREE home delivery on all of your gourmet meat and seafood orders. Call today


We guarantee the freshness of all of our gourmet seafood. Trust us to always provide delicious entrees.

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Discover our full range of gourmet meats

Call Texas Choice Meat Company to order a package of healthy and tasty seafood that will be delivered to your home in a matter of days. Be a dinner time hero with our hearty salmon fillets, breaded shrimp, or juicy scallops.

Gourmet seafood at great prices