Gourmet Meat Delivered Fresh

Texas Choice Meat Company is your trusted choice for delicious,

all natural meat and seafood delivered fresh to your door.

We offer more than just succulent chicken breasts. We have a wide selection of gourmet meats to satisfy the appetites of all the meat lovers in your family. Check out our steak and burger varieties as well our pork options.

Flavors for every taste:

-  Lemon Barb Chicken Breasts

-  South Western Chicken

-  Honey D’jon Chicken Breasts

-  Cordon Blue Chicken

-  Plain Chicken Breast Fillets

-  Chicken Fritters


We offer outstanding deals on our fresh chicken breasts that will satisfy you as much as the meat itself. You pay just $299 for our chicken breast package when you sign up for home delivery and only $349 when you order over the internet.


Tasty chicken compliments any dish

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We provide FREE home delivery on all of your gourmet meat orders. Call today for dinner tomorrow.


Texas Choice Meats is a wholesale company selling delicious meats at unbeatable prices.

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Our gourmet meat makes the meal

Call Texas Choice Meat Company at any of our 7 locations when you want when you want fresh and delicious chicken breasts delivered to your door. You and your family will love all the tantalizing flavors we have to offer.

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